Maggie Bastin is a branding and marketing professional with over a decade of experience across diverse marketing sectors. After graduating from Ball State University, Maggie started her career journey in Seattle, Washington, where she has worked with both startups and well-established brands. Her multifaceted skill set includes website development and management, graphic design, print and social media advertising, as well as the creation and optimization of Google ad portfolios.

Maggie has consistently helped businesses not only with a multitude of graphic design assets but also by delivering monthly advertising returns on investment (ROI) exceeding 500%.

Maggie discovered her passion for philanthropic endeavors early in life and has dedicated her time to volunteering her marketing expertise. She also prioritizes fundraising and philanthropic outreach programs within the community for every business.

Currently, Maggie serves as a consultant based in Seattle, WA, where she leverages her expertise as a brand development specialist and graphic designer. She takes pride in collaborating with clients and is always eager to discuss and strategize new projects.