Organizational Assessment and Alignment

Advancement Expert’s Organizational Assessment & Alignment process is designed to take a nonprofit’s senior leadership team through an organizational audit focused on identifying its readiness to deliver a higher level of social impact while maximizing sustainable philanthropic revenues.

At some point, most nonprofit organizations will experience a misalignment in their organization that affects mission delivery, operational functionality, and/or fundraising effectiveness. Some symptoms of misalignment include disengaged Boards, lack of shared vision among Board and Staff leaders, outdated governance policies and procedures, inefficient staffing structures, mission drift, and low-performing fundraising efforts.

Our Assessment & Alignment process is customized to each nonprofit as their unique history, culture, and leadership determine organizational health.

Service Area Expertise: 

  • Governance Structure & Implementation
  • Mission, Vision, and Core Values Alignment
  • Organizational Structure & Operations
  • Organizational Policies & Procedures
  • Advancement Audit and Planning
  • Examples of Service Area Deliverables:
  • Recommendations on modifications to By-laws, with a focus on alignment with desired governance structure and policies
  • Identified gaps in organizational policies and procedures and recommendations on how to address them
  • Customized policies and procedures documents
  • Creation and/or refresh of mission, vision, and core values statements
  • Recommendations on aligning organizational structure with desired operating activities
  • Strategies for increasing fundraising results through enhanced and new advancement strategies and planning