Board Development and Leadership

Investing in the development and growth of your Board of Directors, aligned with your nonprofit’s Vision, Mission, and Core Values will result in more engaged Board members and a shared vision with staff leadership.

Establishing a strong “Culture of Philanthropy” begins with leadership from both Board and Executive Staff.  By focusing on the development of your Board of Directors collectively and individually,  you will ensure a higher probability of intentionally driving the culture, vision, mission, and core values of your organization.

Service Area Expertise: 

  • Board Audit & Assessment
  • Customized Trainings
  • Board Advances
  • Coaching and Action Planning
  • Development of Governance Tools and Templates
  • Executive Development and Coaching

Examples of Service Area Deliverables:

  • Alignment of organizational governance with Articles and By-laws
  • Development and implementation of a Gold Standard Board
  • Creation and delivery of customized Board trainings
  • Customized coaching and training
  • Leadership coaching for senior leadership team